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What is DuPage?

DuPage County in Illinois and part of the Chicago metropolitan area. Home to 19 accredited colleges and universities, top-ranked public and private schools, world-class restaurants, and an active arts scene, DuPage is a prime location for families to live, work and thrive.

DuPage County is an international transportation hub, boasting access to O’Hare and Midway International Airports and significant waterways, railroads, interstates, and highways. One out of four DuPage residents holds graduate degrees – making this workforce one of the nation’s most highly educated.

DuPage County boasts a robust economic foundation built upon diverse industries such as manufacturing, R&D/warehousing/life sciences/retail/office space providers, and service sector companies. Industrial developments and suburban office spaces allow businesses to relocate or expand in DuPage.

Numerous organizations contribute to DuPage’s vibrant community through their efforts to improve people’s lives, from combatting youth homelessness to providing safe and affordable housing options; these groups all contribute to making DuPage stronger. WorkNet DuPage offers free individualized job search support for all ages. At the same time, Skill Up DuPage assists individuals (re)start or advance their careers by providing training in digital marketing, information technology, truck driving, and welding.

DuPage County History

Since the end of the Ice Age around 12,000 years ago, people have used DuPage County’s location and natural environment to sustain themselves and their communities. People have continuously adapted to changing circumstances and new challenges, from food production and shelter provision to recreation and entertainment opportunities.

Chicago and northern Illinois share an intimate history. When European settlers first settled there in the 1830s, Indian trails, and stage routes to Chicago quickly interlaced through this county. Later came plank roads; by 1900, six railroads had already set down the track here.

Beginning its development, DuPage County’s rich soil was an asset. Agriculture became one of the critical industries, with 1,251 farms present by the 1860s; residents could commute to Chicago for work or socialization purposes. But thanks to substantial investments in roadway and utility infrastructure upgrades, many municipalities became significant employment and population hubs over time.

DuPage County is now a culturally vibrant region that welcomes international businesses and immigrants from all around the globe. Home to three international airports – O’Hare, Midway, and DuPage – as well as major interstates and railroads, DuPage is also renowned as an area for research and development and the financial services sector.

The DuPage Historical Museum houses an impressive collection of materials relating to the county and its people, offering research assistance, educational programs, exhibitions, and events for public enjoyment. In addition, there is the DuPage Historical Society as a non-profit organization funded by dues and donations from individuals and groups; its membership comprises local historians and those interested in regional history who contribute dues and assistance; its website features various resources and links leading visitors elsewhere online.

DuPage County Schools

At first glance, Center Cass School District 66 of Downers Grove embodies all that is best about public education. Its three modern schools boast reputations for academic rigor, while its 1,100 elementary through secondary school students benefit from enthusiastic teachers with ample personal attention from them.

Even though the district provides a quality educational environment, some students are falling behind. A stark difference in test scores between black and white students demonstrates how not all children have access to equal chances to excel academically.

To address the disparate outcomes among students, some schools are adopting more comprehensive strategies to ensure all children have an equal opportunity at success. Such efforts include increasing academic performance, raising graduation rates, and expanding access to college and career opportunities.

DuPage County is taking an innovative approach to school safety by becoming the first county in Illinois to establish a mutual aid response system for school emergencies. State’s Attorney Robert Berlin and DuPage’s School Safety Task Force recognize that while we have yet to experience a mass shooting at our schools, such events could occur anywhere. It is in everyone’s best interests that we unite against such tragedies and prepare accordingly.

DuPage County boasts 278 public schools that educate 143,985 public school students. To gain more insight into each of them, click on the map below and select your chosen schools to view more detailed profiles and information on them.

DuPage County Library

DuPage County Library in Illinois serves the residents of DuPage County in the United States. As one of Illinois’s largest county libraries, with nearly 5 million items like books, movies, audiobooks, and music in their collection – this library also hosts programs like storytimes for children as well as adult programs such as computer instruction classes and book discussion groups; online databases, as well as resources, are also made available here for use by students and researchers.

The library boasts many collections that will appeal to genealogists, including local histories, indexes, directories, maps, and newspapers. There is also staff-assisted local history research available here. Furthermore, this facility belongs to the Illinois Regional Archives Depositories network, which holds records from Illinois counties, townships, municipalities, and schools; additionally, a collection of photographs, maps, and materials related to Downers Grove’s history is available here.

DuPage County genealogy research tools are readily available online to researchers, with Illinois State Library websites listing county histories and family trees among them. In addition, this searchable database containing Illinois public land purchases dating back to the 19th century includes details such as the purchaser’s name, acreage purchased, and the purchase price per acre for every acquisition made during that era.

The DuPage County Historical Museum can be found in Wheaton, Illinois. Initially erected as John Quincy Adams’ gift to his community – Adams Memorial Library in 1891 – it served as both library and cultural center until 1965 when its current complex was constructed by Adams Park District with architectural designs by Charles Sumner Frost, a renowned Chicago architect.

DuPage County Government

DuPage County Government serves all 926,000 unincorporated residents within its boundaries, providing services such as community and economic development, the county court system, police department, health department, animal control services, transportation congestion relief solutions, and social services for those in need at its nursing home. DuPage County also oversees its library system and offers parks, open spaces, and recreational opportunities in unincorporated areas of DuPage.

As one of the fastest-growing counties in the nation, Jefferson County stands out as a residential and economic hub, drawing national interest. Residents enjoy urbanized living environments, top-quality educational systems, and ample recreational facilities.

Naperville, Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, and Downers Grove boast charming historic downtowns filled with boutiques, upscale stores, and restaurants. At the same time, many suburban towns host large malls such as Oakbrook Center, Yorktown Center, or Stratford Square Mall that also attract shoppers.

DuPage County is well served by transportation systems, with five Interstate Highways, three US Highways, and nine Illinois State Highways passing through it. In addition, the Chicago-area commuter rail system Metra runs three lines through DuPage County: Milwaukee District West Line, Union Pacific West Line, and BNSF Line – and is served by the regional bus system Pace.