Eco Park Opening Time Today


Eco Park in Kolkata is one of the top attractions. A lovely setting filled with activities for people of all ages, it consists of three major sections – ecological zone, theme gardens, and open recreational spaces – where visitors can indulge in various recreational activities like rowing and paddle boating.

The Seven Wonders of the World

The Seven Wonders of the World are seven remarkable landmarks from ancient civilizations widely considered significant, such as the Colosseum, Taj Mahal, Petra Christ, the Redeemer Chichen Itza Machu Picchu, and the Great Wall of China. A public vote took place to select these locations in 2000, with more than 200 locations being considered before a list of just seven areas was finalized.

The park features seven wonders spread over multiple areas, such as a garden with various statues and fountains; a mask garden displaying numerous types of masks from across the globe; an art gallery offering selfie opportunities with life-sized statues of celebrities; as well as its Ayurvedic spa offering various treatments and therapies.

Adventure seekers may prefer boating or exploring the various features of the water park. There is also an ice skating rink where one hour costs 150 INR; alternatively, you could try activities like zorbing and archery – perfect for family visits! Additionally, the park features various thematic areas – ideal for exploring with children!

Mother’s Wax Museum, situated within the park, features wax sculptures of Indian cricketers and freedom fighters – an indispensable stop on any visitor’s itinerary to the city.

Adda Zone offers activities for people of all ages. Arts and craft enthusiasts will especially enjoy learning from all the creations displayed here, making this a wonderful place to relax and have fun!

Other highlights in the park include a children’s play area specifically designed to entertain young ones and an art gallery featuring numerous different kinds of paintings. There’s also a tropical, tea, and sculptural garden to visit; all three can provide valuable ideas for designing one’s garden! This makes an excellent destination for gardeners as inspiration comes flooding in for their work!

The Handicraft Market

The global handicraft market is expanding at an impressive rate, propelled by rising consumer interest in handmade products made of sustainable materials and rising travel and tourism activity, as well as social media and e-commerce platforms providing artisans an economic platform for marketing their wares and expanding their reach.

The market can be divided into segments based on product type, distribution channel, and end use. The call can be divided by product type into apparel and accessories, home decor items like crocheted garments, and bags/purses for carrying these products. Some examples, shoes/shawls, etc, are other products; by distribution channel, it can be divided up among mass retailers, departmental stores, independent retailers as well as online stores; the latter has seen explosive growth due to the convenience of shopping online from the comfort of one’s own home.

Porter’s five forces analysis of the handicrafts market demonstrates several opportunities for vendors in this sector. Collaborations with local artisans, sustainable sourcing practices, and artisan-themed tourism are significant growth drivers, while factors like price sensitivity and economic downturns could restrict market growth.

Handicraft markets worldwide have historically been plagued with stiff competition from mass-produced products. Still, thanks to a wide range of e-commerce platforms, craftspeople are now more competitive with mass-produced items – and this trend will likely continue in the coming years.

At the same time, increased awareness of sustainable and ethical consumption is fuelling demand for handicrafts in North America. This trend can especially be seen with apparel, where natural fabrics over synthetics have become more prominent; furthermore, artisanal textiles have experienced an explosion in demand from consumers looking for unique clothing made by hand.

Handicrafts market growth is projected to remain strong over the near future due to rising consumer interest and spending power increases, cultural events and festivals boosting demand, and globalization bringing greater spending power among consumers.

The Food Park

Food parks have become an increasingly popular gathering space where people can indulge their love of delicious cuisine and make new connections with each other. Packed full of local restaurants, Food Parks provide an ideal way for people to meet one another and learn about each other while offering many events like live music performances, comedy shows, and dance contests, as well as opportunities for donations to charitable organizations.

There are various approaches to building a food park, but you must select one carefully. Make sure it meets customers’ needs while standing out from competitors; additionally, take note of any local regulations that might impact its location. Finally, you must stick with your plan without overthinking – overthinking can be costly!

Food parks are an emerging phenomenon that is quickly gaining in popularity. Compared to traditional restaurant chains, food trucks typically have significantly lower start-up costs and provide an eclectic variety of dishes and cuisines that are hard to come by in today’s economy. Food parks offer an invaluable opportunity for emerging chefs to gain recognition and build their businesses.

Mega food parks typically consist of an infrastructure comprising collection centers, primary processing centers, central processing centers, and cold chains, as well as 25-30 fully developed plots available to entrepreneurs looking to set up food processing units. They aim to reduce postharvest losses while increasing farmers’ incomes, creating employment opportunities in rural areas, and supporting agro-based industries for processing fruits, vegetables, cereals, and spices.

Sarah Hannon opened The Midway Food Park in Austin, Texas, in 2013, and it has become an oasis for coworkers to grab lunch, Little League teams to celebrate after games, and friends to unwind over drinks with an affordable six-pack. The Midway Food Park is fun for locals and helps revitalize neighborhoods by bringing in businesses that would otherwise remain unavailable.