Eco Parks Near Me


The Butterfly Garden provides a home for numerous species and offers them a nearby natural habitat, making it the perfect spot for relaxation after an exhausting day in the city. Visitors come here to escape urban stress while immersing themselves in nature and taking a hiatus from their hectic lives.

Preserve trails, nature playscape, gardens are open from sunrise to sunset each day of the year, and free Pop-Up Nature and Critter Crunch & Munch programs for everyone to enjoy!

1. Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden at Eco Park is one of India’s most extensive butterfly gardens and welcomes many visitors each year. Home to many species of butterflies in their natural environment, visitors should note that any contact between humans and butterflies must remain strictly forbidden to protect their delicate ecosystem. As part of that policy and to prevent accidental injuries or harm to these soft insects, the garden closes at 5 pm daily – so no unintentional injuries occur!

The Urban Museum at Eco Park showcases themed artworks from Durga Puja pandals. For art and culture enthusiasts, this museum is an absolute must. Additionally, this park contains sculptures by well-known artists Jogen Chowdhury and Subhaprasanna and regularly hosts special events during Durga Puja season.

Eco Park provides visitors with many activities, from ice skating and cycling to rowing, zorbing, and boat rides. Restaurants and cafes also cater to various tastes; accommodations range from tents to cottages for added privacy and peace. All this makes the Eco Park an excellent place for families with young children or anyone simply seeking some downtime from city life.

2. Urban Museum

The Urban Museum at Eco Park Kolkata is dedicated to urban contemporary art, providing visitors with an introduction to this movement. It strives to disprove that graffiti and street art aren’t legitimate forms of expression by giving artists a platform for showing off their works in an art museum setting, including those by Cranio, Tristan Eaton, Findac, and Kobra.

Eco Park boasts an expansive tea garden covering more than one hectare, created using more than 40 truckloads of soil from North Bengal’s Dooars region. Furthermore, a tea stall and museum offer insight into all stages of processing this beverage.

The park can be reached using all significant modes of transport, from Kolkata’s airport, where one can hire pre-paid taxis or take city buses directly to it, through to Howrah station’s NMMT railway station and various private bus services that regularly connect it to it.

3. Seven Wonders of the World

The Seven Wonders of the World is an impressive list of ancient architectural wonders regarded as truly remarkable, such as the Giza Pyramids, Petra in Jordan, Colosseum Rome, the Great Wall of China, Moai Statues on Easter Island, and Brazil’s Cristo Redentor.

Kolkata offers its citizens the chance to experience all seven world wonders through Eco Park, opened by Mamata Banerjee as Chief Minister on 29 December 2012 and managed by WBHIDC.

Eco Park boasts various attractions in its Seven Wonders of the World list, such as individually designed cottages that visitors can rent. There is also a conference hall on an island within a large lake accessible only by boat; Sabujsathi offers breathtaking 360-degree views of its surroundings and the lake from within its glass house, which is – perfect for enjoying this wonderful eco-park experience!

This location provides the ideal setting for wedding and birthday celebrations, product launches, brand promotion, and exposition in a peaceful atmosphere. Entry fees start from 30 rupees per person.

4. Ice Skating Rink

Ice skating is an enjoyable activity that the whole family can enjoy together this winter, providing exercise and laughter at once! However, remember that falling through the ice is hazardous and fatal; ensure children wear helmets and pads to protect them when skating.

Rockefeller Center Ice Rink is one of the most visited rinks in NYC during the Christmas season and remains incredibly popular with visitors and locals alike. Tourists typically fill its ranks, so for best results, visit during weekdays or off-peak hours to avoid large crowds.

This outdoor rink features “Glice,” an eco-friendly synthetic ice that doesn’t use water to form its surface, ideal for beginner skaters and kids alike. After skating, stop by the Westlight rooftop bar for some holiday cheer!

Aviator Sports and Events Center features two indoor ice skating rinks to give you somewhere warm to go skating when the temperature drops. As well as offering public skating sessions and hockey leagues, general skating sessions, and many other activities like gym membership or rock climbing, it also provides public skating sessions during public skating sessions and public skating leagues. If skating becomes tiresome, you can always head into their gym or try rock climbing instead if needed!

5. Boating or Water Rides

Four Mile Cove Eco Preserve provides nature enthusiasts with an ideal destination to appreciate Cape Coral’s scenic beauty. A favorite birding site, it also includes a trail that winds through mangroves to reach the Caloosahatchee River.

The park’s large lake offers various watersport activities, from rowing or paddle boating to taking a speedboat, kayak ride, or zorbing! Zorbing allows participants to roll around or float within an inflatable ball for an enchanting surreal experience; it costs INR 150 for one round around the lake or 30 minutes.

Staying longer? For those wanting a culinary adventure, the park features a lakeside restaurant offering traditional Bengali meals and desserts and an expansive 2,800-square-foot glass house for hosting personal, business, or community events.

Eco Tourism Park can be easily reached via air, rail, and bus transportation; airport taxi services offer pre-booked rides, while city buses departing from Kolkata Railway Station are readily available to visitors. In addition, visitors may visit Biswa Bangla Haat for traditional handicrafts from Bengal, and an ideal place for buying gifts for friends or family members.

6. Fruit Garden

Eco Park’s Fruit Garden showcases an assortment of fruits native to Bengal. It is an engaging thematic zone that highlights Bengal’s abundant nature while encouraging children to learn more about plants that produce these delicious snacks.

Our garden features both old and newer varieties of apple trees, Bartlett pears, peaches, plums, and apricots – as well as wild relatives of commercial types such as the rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum) and durian (Diospyros malabarica).

Educational materials on its species and production are provided for those curious about the science behind this distinctive food. Additionally, the garden boasts an assortment of berries, nuts, and vegetables for visitors to sample.

Other attractions at Eco Park include a Bamboo Garden and Meadow Garden featuring thriving wild flowering plants. Both gardens are situated along a lakefront promenade where visitors can walk or take in the sights while taking a walk along the lake or lounging at the beach – be sure to bring an umbrella, glares, and hat, and apply sunscreen regularly! Parking spaces can be found near the Eco Park entrance, and public transportation options are available nearby.

7. Meadow Garden

Meadow gardens provide both visitors and pollinators with a tranquil respite, as well as a life-sustaining habitat. From simple efforts such as seeding bare patches of lawn with wildflowers to planting an entire acre with perennial flowers – meadow gardens don’t require expansive views to thrive; any yard with enough sun will do.

Meadow gardens may require more upkeep than traditional turf grass lawns but can save money and time in the long run. Meadow gardens require less water and fertilizer consumption compared to their turf counterparts and are more resistant to insects and diseases; additionally, they can be planted without using herbicides – something which would usually be required in conventional lawns to control weeds.

The park also provides cottages and conference halls that can be rented out for private or official programs. At the same time, Sabujsathi Island serves as a tranquil location to host family or corporate gatherings. Recently, the Vokatta 2014 kite flying festival with national and international participants organized by Benchmark New Town Kolkata International Kite Festival Trust in association with WBHIDCO was also hosted here. Thousands attended, including foreign tourists eager to witness Bengali culture through this festival.